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Conferences & Seminars
FMCO 2007
Presentation of the GCM at :
FMCO 2007 - Softwares Technologies Concertation on Formal Methods for Components and Objects - 24-26 October 2007, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

16:30 - 17:15   Denis Caromel  (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, FR)
From Theory to Practice in Distributed Component Systems

GridCOMP Conference in Australia, 29 Jan-1 Feb 2007
Australian and EU Grid Collaboration around GCM, the GridCOMP project and Gridbus


Overview of GCM (Grid Component Model) and the GridCOMP EU Project
Denis Caromel, INRIA - I3S CNRS - Univ. Nice, France 

Overview of Grid Research and Gridbus Project @ Melbourne
Raj Buyya, University of Melbourne