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The Grid Component Model (GCM) defined in the CoreGRID European project, is based on the Fractal component model (for more information about Fractal see this tutorial) with extensions designed to handle the specific requirements of grid applications such as:

  • collective interfaces
  • autonomic behaviour
  • deployment capabilities

The GridCOMP project provides reference Open Source implementation of the GCM as part of the ProActive Parallel Suite Open source library. In this section we described the current results of our project and how to test and use them. First, you can find a short description of the ProActive Grid middleware used to implement the GCM. Then, the Basic GCM Features and  Autonomic GCM Features pages described the implementation itself with slides, step by step tutorials and some sample code. Finally, in the Grid IDE part we present the GIDE tool. It features application design, monitoring and steering for GCM users.

If you are looking for information on which kind of application can take advantage of the GCM see the Use Cases page.