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Basic GCM Features

The first main objective of GridCOMP is to provide the reference implementation of the GCM. First of all, this implementation based on the ProActive grid middleware implements the Fractal specification and therefore allows the design and development of distributed component application with transparent remote binding and communication. In addition, the GCM specific features are implemented as well:

  • Interoperable deployment framework: the ProActive deployment framework is currently used to achieve interoperability with various schedulers and infrastructure. Currently, the GCM deployment framework is being standardized at ETSI; at the same time we are implementing this draft standard which will replace soon the ProActive deployment framework.
  • Collective interface: one of the key features of the GCM is the ability to express in the type of your component - when you design your application - the collective behaviour of your interface. The GCM defines two news interface cardinalities: multicast and gathercast. With the first one you can express that your client interface transforms a single invocation into many; and with the second one you can define an interface which collects many invocations to transforms them into one. For both cardinalities dispatch of parameters and aggregation of results can be customized.
  • Stream interface
The following resources provide more information on the implementation with tutorial and sample code.

Slides & Documentation

Code & Tutorial



If you have any question or trouble using the ProActive/GCM you can contact the developers team using the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it public mailing list.