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22 October 2008: Technical Concertation meeting

Converging Components, Services, SLA+QoS for Effective Utilities over Network Infrastructure

While the meeting does not belong to the series of EC-organised concertation meetings, it is expected to attract participation from EC-funded projects from Unit INFSO/D3 (Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures) and Unit INFSO/F3 (GÉANT & e-Infrastructure). The key objective of the EU project technical concertation meeting is to stimulate cooperation and knowledge exchange between all members of EU projects related to Components, Services, and Utilities for Grid and large scale IT systems. This meeting shall give strong visibility to participating projects, and also help to achieve dissemination and concertation objectives.
Components are the building blocks for composable and reusable software, allowing  building flexible services in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, applications are turned into services with the capacity to scale-up to match Service Level Agreement. In this way, Quality of Services can be enforced, opening the way to real utilities where resources are added or relinquished upon application demand.
We are aiming at gathering the key projects identified as capable of bringing a key contribution to the services and IT utility challenge. We are focusing on recent projects and especially the new wave of projects accepted from the FP 7 Call 1. The early stage of those projects hold the potential of strong synergies if we identify early the complementarities and possible interactions.
As an outcome of the workshop, we would like to produce a report identifying for each project the potential key contributions in term of software, and symmetrically the potential expertise/software that could be used from other projects. 


  • 9:00 Opening Session

    Introduction, Denis Caromel, INRIA-UNSA-CNRS, Patricia Ho-Hune, ERCIM

    Welcome Address from the European Commission
           Jorge Gasós
           European Commission
           Information Society and Media Directorate General
           Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures Unit
           EC INFSO SSA&I
  • 18:50 Panel: Open discussion between presenters
    Chair: Denis Caromel, INRIA-UNSA-CNRS
  • 19:15 End of meeting
Note: Each presentation will have 20 minutes and 5 minutes questions.