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Why the Use Cases?
The selected GridCOMP use cases are not only a presentation of the technical functionalities developed within the project, but they have also been selected because of their exploitation potential. They are used to showcase the project results in front of both the industrial and the academic worlds.
The selection of use-cases pursued the following criteria in order to obtain a comprehensible, varied and truly representative list of examples and their potential:
  • Use-cases selected had to cover multiple industrial sectors and scientific research areas, such as management, security, engineering, or telecommunications, in order to appeal to a large audience, thus proving that the framework developed can be applied to different industrial environments.
  • Use-cases selected had to prove the flexibility and interoperability of GridCOMP, interacting with services generally deployed in these areas, such as database servers, workflow systems, etc.
  • Use-cases selected had to demonstrate legacy application integration. The possibility of seamlessly integrating these applications and build on them more advanced and competitive ones (thanks partly to the distribution of the processing effort) is a benefit for potential users.
  • Use-cases selected had to show the effectiveness of the solution for both computing and data intensive processes.
  • Use-cases selected had to address and tackle issues with both embarrassingly parallel processes and stateful distributed applications, in such a way that the solutions can be redeployed to solve more complex situations
  • Use-cases selected had to attest the autonomic resource management features in order to achieve different objectives: better performance (throughput) or a reduced response time.
Taken as a whole, the use-cases selected in GridCOMP meet the above criteria and the partners responsible for each selected use-case proved their reliability and ensured high-quality and performance in the project.